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Peter Lund Frandsen finds and presents knowledge, that challenges the frontiers of our world-view.

- which has been forgotten, swept under the academic carpet or actively suppressed.
- which lets many peoples experiences fall into place and make sense.
- which points at the largest questions about existence and life.

Peter teaches complementary post graduate training to therapists world-wide.

He has 35 years of experience from clinical work, development of new bio-holographic techniques and constant study of the literature of biophysics, theoretical physics, energy medicine, networks and chaos theories, synchronicity, consciousness research and paranormal phenomena.

Peter's travels also take him to numerous international conferences and he frequently attends ISSSEEM and SANDS (USA) and DGEIM (Germany).

The energy lecturing part of his activities has brought him to England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Australia, USA, Argentina, South Africa. He has also taught various other classes in the same countries plus Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Wales, Canada, Peru.



With a solid foundation in natural sciences, Peter manages to convey insights that would otherwise belong to the alternative end of the scale. The very fact that he is based in science, makes him an important bridge builder; we are reminded that traditional science is very spacious and for a long time has been describing and identifying the deepest paradoxes. Being able to span the myriad of connections from the largest of scales down to the cellular, molecular and subatomic levels – and use the best from both conventional and complementary health systems - is one of Peter’s gifts.

Mia Damhus
Pharmacist, nutritional therapist DET, author, director


Peter's approach to a new era of biology is both deep and multi facetted. He manages to make the complex accessible and useful. It is not an easy task to convey the results of the latest research, but Peter presents it in a vibrant and entertaining way. His style is unpretentious and straightforward and he makes use of demonstrations and practical examples of how to apply the new knowledge both on the personal and professional level.


Sebastian Nybo
International author, speaker and business psychology consultant