What's up?


What's up?


Frontier Biology 3 hour lecture
28. October 2016, Seattle, Washington


Want to host a lecture?

Want to host a lecture?

Many ways to do it

The content can be delivered in many different formats ranging from an inspirational 50 minute presentation to a full 18 hours seminar series over several days.

Contact us and we can tailor an event that specifically suits your needs and your audience.


Examples of popular formats for the lecture series "Frontier Biology":

50 minute lecture
General overview and main points

3 hour lecture
Going deeper and possibility for turning focus points in the direction of host/audience interests, several practical experiments, illustrations with sound and motion picture.

One day workshop
All the above plus more in-depth information and if wanted, demonstration and practice of simple exercises.
Handouts with key points and illustrations

18 hour seminar series
Presented over several days (consecutive or not)
The state of the art, get-it-all lectures, where we go deep into the nook and crannies of Frontier Biology and examine a wealth of plausible hypothesis about how everything is connected.

Scientific theory for practitioners
Specialty lectures for specific groups of complementary therapists.
Highlighting how Frontier Biology may help us understand the working mechanism of a therapeutic modality. Which ideas show up in today's scientific frontiers?


Organizers may download:

  • content descriptions with selling points
  • high resolution images for advertising in flyers or posters
  • images and logos for email shots and websites
  • blog postings, to be used as email teasers


Want to connect?

Contact us to hear what we can do for your interest group and find out about availability and terms:

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